7 Ways to Cleanse Yourself of Negativity for a Better Life

7 Ways to Cleanse Yourself of Negativity for a Better Life

Life is, unfortunately, full of negativity. Competition at the office, drama between friends, and miscommunication in everyday life leads to stress and anxiety. Negativity hurts and will continue to hurt unless you make changes in your life. A cleanse can be done for any amount of time; a day, a week, a month, or even the rest of your life. Cleansing yourself of negativity can lead to positive results such as short term stress relief or a lifelong shift in perspective.

1. Put your phone down

I find most of the negativity I feel comes from that little screen I always have in my pocket. Whether it's getting unnecessarily jealous about other people on Instagram or being visually assaulted with information on Twitter, my phone is a steady stream of negativity. Put it away for hours at a time and focus on other things. Delete the apps you're addicted to if you must, just put down the phone.

2. Read a book

Reading clears my mind and transports me to another world. Escape the negativity in your life by picking up a book you know will make you happy. Choose a self help book, a beach read, or an inspiring biography to let your mind develop and wander away from stress. 

3. Smudge your home

Smudging, or burning sage throughout your sacred space, is a ritual performed by Native Americans for thousands of years. Whether or not you believe that burning white sage throughout your home will actually change the energy around you, the act of smudging your home can calm you. You can learn more about smudging at Spirituality Health.

4. Delete the unnecessary

This goes for clutter around your house as well as clutter in your digital life. Throw out old mail that's been piling up, toss any junk you've been holding on to, and delete all your old emails. By decluttering your life, you'll create more breathing room both literally and figuratively. With a more organized space and mentality, you'll be able to fight off negative energy with ease.

5. Take a bath

Water is the perfect way to cleanse your body and your mind. When dealing with negativity, take a long bath with your favorite bath bombs or oils. Soaking in hot water will help release the tension in your body. Play instrumental music and focus on listening to the sound rather than thinking or worrying about anything else.

6. Get outside

Sometimes, the remedy to negativity is just fresh air. If you're feeling negativity at work, step outside for a few minutes and take a walk to clear your head. When you have free time, plan a hike or a camping trip. Being outside will center you, put life into perspective, and give you a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

7. Breathe

It's easy to get caught up in negativity and forget to breathe. When you're feeling particularly overwhelmed, take deep and slow breaths. Your heart will slow down and your mind will stop racing, freeing you from the feeling of anxiety.

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