The Ultimate Netflix Watchlist For Winter Break

The Ultimate Netflix Watchlist For Winter Break

You've finished your finals and pumped your hand in the air like the end of The Breakfast Club (only to shove it back into your winter coat because it's cold AF outside). Let's not even play, it's time to hibernate on the couch while binging Netflix like it's your job. Here are the things you can binge in the two to six weeks of winter break. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Have you ever maybe, sort of, definitely taken a class because your crush was taking it and felt crazy? Rebecca Bunch, heroine of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, goes a lot further and decides to up and leave her job to move to West Covina, CA to try to get her old crush to fall in love with her. This daring, fun show breaks out into musical numbers and deals with issues of love, friendship, and mental health. The entire first season is on Netflix.

Master of None

Aziz Ansari, known for Parks and Rec, created and stars in this Netflix original series that is a rom-com about people struggling to adult. Ansari plays Dev, a commercial actor in New York, who explores following his dreams, managing relationships, and dealing with social issues that happen in everyday life. This clever, fun show has 10 episodes on Netflix and was renewed for a second season.

Pretty Little Liars

You better already be watching this but if you haven't or just want to binge again, the first six seasons are available on Netflix. Catch up before the show comes back for the final episodes (😭😭😭) in April!

Stranger Things

You likely heard that this was a show "you HAVE to watch", but doesn't it seem like people say that about every show? Well, you HAVE to watch this, seriously! Stranger Things is a sci-fi revolving around the mysterious disappearance of Will Byers and appearance of a girl who goes by Eleven. The characters in this quaint town start to realize in their search for Will that this is no ordinary run-away-from-home tale but rather is something literally out of this world.

Lady Dynamite

This comedy starring standup Maria Bamford chronicles the story of an actress suffering from bipolar disorder who is rebuilding her life with the help of her agent. Fans of Mitch Hurwitz shows, like Arrested Development, will enjoy this super quirky show based loosely on Maria Bamford's personal life.

Haters Back Off

If you're addicted to YouTube, you've probably encountered a Miranda Sings video. The bit, played by Colleen Ballinger, is a character who badly sings videos and is totally full of herself. Haters Back Off is a half-hour sitcom featuring Sings as she tramples over others on her way to viral fame. If you are a fan of the YouTube videos, this is a show for you!

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