Boost Your Nutritional Game in 2017 With These 7 Purple Foods

Boost Your Nutritional Game in 2017 With These 7 Purple Foods

If you’re a self-proclaimed “foodie”, then you probably know that each year, there are food (and drink) trends that come out. When we looked to see what this year had to offer for our refrigerators and dinner tables, we saw that one of our favorite colors was going to be really popular this year.

In 2017, when it comes to eating what’s healthy, it’s all about going purple! Why that of all colors? Well, according to scientific research, the darker food is, the more nutrients that it has. There are even studies which indicate that people who consumed purple-colored foods on a regular basis significantly reduced their risk of having low blood pressure. It lowered their cholesterol too.

Granted, some of the foods that we’re about to share with you don’t have purple in the name, just the appearance. But we’re pretty confident that if you try a few of them, whether you’re already a fan of the color or not, you’re going to fall in love to what purple can do for you and your family.

Acai Berries

Acai berries are extremely high in antioxidants, making them the kind of fruit that will fight off free radicals, give you lots of energy and strengthen your immune system too. They contain anthocyanins, which help to lower your cholesterol, the many nutrients in them will not only help you to lose weight but maintain your healthy weight once you read your goal. Acai berries also contain potent detoxification capacities that make it easier to digest your food. Something else that these berries have in them are plant phytochemicals; these antioxidants slow down the aging process and help to give you radiant skin. They can also increase blood circulation, which means they are also on the list of being a libido-booster.

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