Attention Introverts: These Are The Best Destinations To Travel In 2017!

Attention Introverts: These Are The Best Destinations To Travel In 2017!
Fresh Off the Grid

As a self-proclaimed hermit, I know a thing or two about introverts. We don’t like to talk too often in large settings, we don’t like a lot of attention placed upon us and we freak out whenever we have to go somewhere where there are far too many people to count. That’s why traveling can be both a blessing and curse. Because I know you want to get away and explore, but I also know you ain’t about all those people crowding your space. Don’t worry though, I got your back. With that, here are the best places to book a trip to if you’re as introverted as can be.


Still rural for the most part. With urbanization not being that prevalent, visitors know they won't be overloaded with that many people when they set out to see the sights.

Glastonbury, England

This places boasts about having the world's "first travel experience for introverts by introverts" with their Sacred Introvert Retreat. Sign us up! Okay, well not everyone. Too many people may be a problem, but you get the idea. This retreat offers people a chance to see this beautiful place, but also keeps in mind that those on board need time to recharge and be by themselves.

Tulum, Mexico

This isn't exactly the country you think of when you think of introverts with all the partying that takes place during Spring Break, but behold there is at please one piece of beachfront property you can have basically to yourself. It's one of the most uncrowded places on the coast, enjoy!


No here's a place that'll make you feel #blessed because their locals respect not only peace and quiet, but also those who come and visit.

The Oregon Coast

While all the hipsters are flocking to Portland to socialize, you can head west to the coastal region of this picturesque state where secluded beaches and stunning sunsets are ready to welcome you with open arms.

New Zealand

It's more than just the home of Lord of the Rings. It's also an ideal place far, far away from the rest of the world where you can get lost in their natural parks and Instagram worthy landscapes.


Notable for its safety, many opt to travel here alone to see the northern lights and waterfalls. Yup, you can head here without anyone by your side and have the quietest trip of your life.

Sedona, Arizona

If you're one of those yoga loving, chakra having people - who just so happens to not really enjoy talking too much to others, please book your trip right now to Sedona. It's the perfect fit for someone like you!

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Not into meditating in the deserts of the Arizona? Then please head to Thailand. Known for it's laid back demeanor, you'll love every second and may not want to leave.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Whether you're on a bike trail or in one of their many cafes with a book, you'll feel like you're at home - where you're always your best self.


With tourism only having been a thing here for the past few decades, it's still a pretty unknown place. Meaning that their ain't too many people other than the locals, and even then - they're a quiet folk.
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