My Life Has Been Changed By This Moisturizer

My Life Has Been Changed By This Moisturizer

When it comes to moisturizers, you've probably tried them all; the night creams, the daily SPFs, the hydrating, the mattifying, the brightening, the firming. But did anything ever stand up to its name? The moisturizers may have been nice and delivered on their promises, but they didn't have that wow factor. And many of them certainly weren't worth the hefty price they were labeled with. Until recently, I hadn't found a wonderful moisturizer either. But thanks to a small sample packet I received in the mail, my life is forever changed.

Of all the moisturizers I've ever tried, Shea Moisture's Raw Shea Butter Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Frankincense and Myrrh is the only miracle worker! Until a couple of years ago stress lines on my forehead weren't really an issue but they started becoming increasingly prominent. Even though it wasn't pleasant I wasn't ready to switch over to an anti-wrinkle cream yet. This sample packet had enough for two weeks use (once daily) and it was well worth the try. After just two weeks there was a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin and lines on my forehead!

So let's get to describing the shea butter face moisturizer. It's not too thick or runny, so it has a very nice consistency but I would recommend putting it on quickly. It absorbs very fast and you can feel your skin begin to tighten as you apply it. Take a small amount to rub between your hands which will make spreading it over your face a bit easier. Since the moisturizer works so well, a personal recommendation is to use it on your face, neck, and décolleté to keep everything firm and looking young! With the frankincense and myrrh you get added benefits and the moisturizer smells amazing,

If you are interested in trying this amazing shea butter moisturizer with anti-aging benefits it will cost you less than $15. That's right! The Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Frankincense and Myrrh is only $11.99 at Ulta. Try it out for yourself and you'll ditch those pricey big brand anti-aging serums because this is the only anti-aging moisturizer you'll need.

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